Credit for dentures / denture financing

In the course of life, many people come to the point that their own teeth have to be replaced. This can quickly become very expensive. Health insurance companies in Germany only very rarely cover the full cost of dentures. This leaves you, as a patient, a considerable amount of your own contribution. This can quickly exceed your own budget. In this case, a personal loan can help to finance the dentures. You can find out what you should pay attention to and how you can best proceed from us!

What are the costs for dentures?

What are the costs for dentures?

Dental treatments and dentures are usually very expensive. This can quickly add up to several thousand USD. The statutory health insurance companies in Germany only cover half of the standard care. This usually leaves half of the costs for the patient, which must be paid out of one’s own pocket. If you want to use even higher quality and optically appealing materials, you have to bear the additional costs yourself. Some health insurance companies offer increased subsidies for members, who keep a bonus booklet and can prove that they were regularly in preventive and check-ups. Read more about this directly at the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV). In spite of all of this, a certain portion is usually still to be paid out of your own funds. Private insured are usually better off here; however, the benefits depend heavily on the chosen tariff in private health insurance. As an illustration, we have put together an example of average costs for dentures here:

dentures $ per tooth
crown 500 – 1,500 $
gold crown $ 900 – $ 1,400
ceramic crown $ 800 – $ 1,100
dental implant $ 2,000 – $ 4,000

If additional treatment services are added, such as the need to build bone for the use of an implant, the costs for the entire treatment increase accordingly. If several teeth have to be replaced at the same time, the costs add up to a considerable sum. It can quickly come to 5000 USD or more than 10000 USD.

How can the dentures be financed?

How can the dentures be financed?

Almost everyone knows the queasy feeling when visiting the dentist. Few people are blessed with the happiness of having teeth so healthy that a denture is never necessary. Even with perfect cleaning, care and proper oral hygiene, dental problems can arise if the patient is affected by a genetically poor tooth structure. Because of the high costs, the dentist often not only experiences the physical pain of the treatment. Many patients are particularly concerned about the fear that the costs of treatment cannot be raised. However, in order to still be able to carry out the necessary treatments, there are also ways to finance them and pay them off in cheap monthly installments. As a patient, you can free yourself from painful dental problems and feel good again thanks to a healthy smile. There are basically two options for financing dentures:

  1. Financing directly through the dentist
  2. Financing through a loan

Both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to examine in more detail below.

Denture financing directly through the dentist

Many dentists these days offer patients payment in installments for the costs they have to bear. However, the possibility of paying in installments at the dentist is in most cases limited to two to six installments. With a treatment in which you have to bear your own contribution of 3,000 USD, you would still have to pay an additional 500 USD per month in installments. Although dentists generally do not charge interest, this option exceeds the personal budget for many patients. For this reason, payment in installments directly to the dentist is only recommended if the total treatment costs are very low. Some dentists also work with banks that offer patient installment loans for treatment. However, since this is usually only the dentist’s own bank, customers have no way of comparing the conditions with other providers and finding the best offer for themselves.

Benefits: Disadvantage:
Better predictability because the dentist knows exactly what to expect Repayment can often not be adjusted individually
The entire process is regulated by the dentist No comparison options
  Not always the cheapest option

Denture financing through an online loan

If you want to finance the cost of a denture, you can also use classic consumer credit. This form of installment loan is basically open to every patient. The advantage over paying in installments, or financing through the dentist, is in particular that the conditions of the individual providers can be compared in advance. You can quickly find the best loan for yourself in our loan calculator. In addition, the parameters of the repayment, i.e. the installment amount and the term of the loan, can be adjusted accordingly to your own monthly budget. Thanks to the constant monthly rate, patients can then plan the payment of the online loan.

Benefits: Disadvantage:
Comparison possibility of different providers The application and processing must be organized by yourself
Favorable conditions can be selected In the event of additional costs, an increase in the credit may be necessary
Possibility to adjust the repayment to your own budget  

What should be considered when financing dentures?

What should be considered when financing dentures?

Financing the dentures is a good way to be able to afford the necessary dental treatment, even if your own budget is not available at the time. Since taking out a loan, for whatever purpose, always means a long-term obligation, some important points should be considered in advance:

  • Choosing the right loan amount
    If you would like to take out a loan from the dentist to finance the costs, you should discuss with the dentist exactly what costs you will have to pay. These can usually be seen from the healing and cost plan drawn up by the dentist. However, it can also happen that complications occur during treatment, which subsequently increase costs. In such a case, an appropriate buffer should be built in when choosing the loan amount to finance the dentures. Alternatively, you should apply for an online loan that allows you to increase your credit.

    Otherwise the following problem could arise: Suppose you take out a loan of 3,000 USD to cover the cost of the dentures. During the treatment you will incur additional costs of 1,000 USD. In theory, you would have to apply for a new loan or to increase the loan taken out. This is often difficult if you only took out the USD 3,000 loan a few weeks earlier. If the buffer is not needed, you can repay it for the early installment of the loan or use it for other things. In such cases, pay attention to loans with a free special repayment.

  • Choosing the right term
    If you take out a loan, you can also determine the repayment term. It is generally recommended that the loan be repaid as soon as possible. However, you should also take into account the extent to which this harmonizes with the monthly budget available to you. Logically, the shorter the term, the higher the monthly installments for the loan. However, there are also less interest costs and you pay the loan back faster.
  • The choice of the feasible monthly rate
    Of course, every loan must be repaid. Therefore, you should always make sure that the monthly rate for the loan does not exceed your personal budget. Read more about the optimal repayment rate here. Because you have to be able to afford the loan installment, no matter what. Over a longer term, the monthly repayment rate can sometimes be reduced. It always makes sense to include an appropriate financial buffer in your own monthly budget. This protects you in the event of unforeseen expenses.

Conclusion on denture financing

Conclusion on denture financing

Dental treatments and dentures are usually very expensive. If the costs exceed your own financial possibilities, it makes sense to finance them with a loan. Financing directly with the dentist does not offer the best conditions in most cases because there is no possibility of comparison. However, if you compare different offers from different providers, you can save a lot of money. After all, dentures are expensive enough.