Six Advantages You Have When Using the Credit Card

The scenario is common in almost all Brazilian homes. Taxis trying to camouflage themselves on every product or service that is consumed. There is no shortage of cookies that cost the eye and need to be paid every month. Whichever is involved, there are plenty of candidates to take money from your pocket.

On the other hand, nothing is more encouraging than companies trying to build customer loyalty. Especially when this compensation turns off the tap and at least keeps money in there. And if you increase it, even better, no?

Think about the credit card and don’t be alarmed by what the guild payment will show you now. Especially if you feel like you won the lottery by not paying your annuity. Or open that smile with the mileage system. Yes, those little dots generated with each purchase that can be exchanged for other products or air tickets.

A world of advantages that few people know

A world of advantages that few people know

Yeah, it looks like that story of the pot of gold behind the rainbow. But with our help you can put a magnifying glass on the small print and take advantage of it. And benefit from this conversation.

First the big screens

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Even the big banks get into it. Names like Ita, Tradesco and Sanbuwan often give discounts of up to 50% off ticket purchases using their credit card. The only caution is that the liking may be specific to one or another cinema network. So, before you count on the savings in the mall’s nearest movie theater, you might want to check with the clerk and see if the credit card matches that movie screen. .

Flag Discount Programs

The credit card has a gear-like operating system. One of the components of this system is the banner, the type of intermediary between the consumer, the seller, and the bank or institution responsible for the card.

It is the flag that accesses the bank date to check the limit of the credit card and if the person still has balance available to make the purchase. Visa is one of the most common brands in Brazil and concentrates around one third of the market. The company offers customers Goes from Visa. If your card is enrolled in this program you can earn discount or special prices at partner companies like Neatshoes, Breakoff and Lifeback.

There is another very active brand here in Brazil which provides something similar: MasterCard. The name of the initiative is Mastercard Surprise and allows customers with registered cards to generate points for each purchase they make. And if they visit this site, they can exchange the dots for coupons. Just going to the partner stores of the initiative and buying a product and presenting the coupon, you get another just like it. Double buying can be done in places like Avon or Love to Pieces, for example.

The Elo banner already benefits customers registered in the loyalty programs of the banks linked to it. Link offers mileage points that do not expire. Depending on the type of card it is still possible to extend the additional care for emergency care with the pet or help in case of problems in the house or with the car. Will the vehicle break down on the road or that problem appears to solve and the available tools are insufficient.

Anti-theft Option

Anti-theft Option

Following the idea of ​​price protection, Mastercard also offers from the Gold card (extending Platinum and Black versions) to protection against accidental damage or theft. Beware, there is a list of items that are covered by the initiative you can check by clicking here. The maximum amount returned is $ 200 (about $ 850) per situation, with a benefit limit of $ 400 ($ 1700) in one year. And the deadline to speak up is 30 days from the date of the incident.

The ball with the digital banks


Do you know that story of the more competition the better for consumers? The case applies with the arrival of digital banks. In addition to offering non-annuity cards almost as a general rule, new players in the financial market provide yet another advantage: all available functions and tools can be powered by websites or applications. Yeah, some more big banks than that too. Yes, but there is still some kind of human interaction or dependence. Different reality from the experience that can be found in digital banks, which do not rely on this kind of support from an employee. Faster and faster problem solving.

Cash what?

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The name sounds hard, but the benefit is very welcome. Have you thought about buying and getting part of the cash back and cash? This is cashback. And now the nomination of a Guildlimbus partner (keeping the commitment to make good indications to value more and more the sweaty money of each day): the Marias card. With it you always get back 0.8% of the total purchases. This money goes back to the Marias program account a few days after the credit card bill is paid.

Oh, I also need to have a minimum balance of $ 20 to do this operation. And you don’t have to pay any money because of this transfer. Think that’s all? Now there’s the icing on the cake. By ordering the Marias card now you are free to pay any monthly payment.